Cool DIY Halloween Costumes.

Be a loofah sponge.Cut the matte netting into 15 easier to manage pieces.Take one piece of netting,and wrap it around your clothing.Hold in place with a safety pin.This will work better if your wearing the clothing, that way you will not do it to tight.
Gather and bunch the wrapped netting,and pin it in a few random places.You will need help to complete the back.
Repeat the second step until your dress or top,and shorts are covered with netting.Gather and bunch each layer before adding new.
Tame any loose ends and complete by pinching parts of the netting,and pinning it underneath the layers,not on top of them to give it the loofah look.
Add a rope to your costume by twisting the cord together before pinning it underneath the layer of netting.Really cool idea!
Go to They have three complete tutorials on how to make a bubble gum machine costume This is really cute,the broken IPhone,as well as where’s Waldo costume!

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