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DIY Doctor Play Kit.

Hunter and Hope are really into pretend play at the moment, so I thought it was time to introduce Him and her to my favourite roll play toy as a child, the Doctor Play set. I had a Fisher Price one as a girl, and it really got a workout. Instead of buying her a whole lot of plastic stuff, I rummaged around in a few drawers and cupboards and put together a fun set that cost me next to nothing.
Apart from gathering supplies, I made a gauze surgical mask.
-Plastic Syringe
-Plastic Tweezers from a dressing kit
-Tongue Depressor
-Stethoscope (I bought this off ebay for $4, it’s not excellent quality but it does work. Make sure you supervise your child as yelling or banging on stethoscopes can cause hearing damage.)
Other items you may want to include:
-Cotton Balls or swabs
-Eye Patch
-Note pad and Pen
To make the surgical mask
You will need:
Cotton gauze 8″x10″
2 x elastic pieces 10″ long
safety pin
Sewing machine and general sewing supplies

This size suits a small child, you may want to adjust the measurements for older kids.
How to:
1. Cut your gauze square and elastic.
2. Fold the gauze in half and sew along the dotted line.
3. Turn inside out and press.
4. Fold open sides over twice as pictured and press.
5. Stitch along dotted line.
6. Fasten your safety pin to the end of the elastic piece and thread each through the side tubes.
7. Tie off the ends.
8. Move the elastic around to hide the knot.
To decorate the case:
-This was an old case I had kicking around the sewing room, if you don’t want to buy one you can use a lunch box or even a biscuit tin.
-Trace a circle around a bowl or plate onto some adhesive paper.
-Draw a large cross and colour in with a marker pen.
-Cut out and stick onto case or tin.DIY-Doctor-Play-Kit

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DIY Lip Scrub.

1/2 tsp honey
1/2 tsp granulated white sugar
1/2 – 1 tsp fresh squeezed lime juice

Instructions to make the lip scrub:

Using a tiny little dish from your kitchen mix the sugar and honey together until combined. Add lime juice and mix until it the scrub has reached a semi-runny consistency.
Use a spoon, a small paintbrush, or your fingers to cover your lips in the scrub; gently rub it all over. Repeat as needed until lips are completely smooth and buttery. The sugar acts as the exfoliant, the lime rejuvenates the skin, and the honey is a natural anti-bacterial and cleanser. Boom.
When you’re all done exfoliating, apply a coat of your favorite go-to lip-gloss or chap-stick and bask in your beauty. You’re amazing. Pretty too. Have you lost weight? There’s something extra sparkly about you right now.

It’s time to take those gorgeous smackers for a test drive, go find some gorgeous lipstick. You deserve it!bd_0107_lipbalm_l


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DIY Fruit Cups.


I found this idea on one of my favourite websites these are great for school lunches.
Just mix 4 cups of your favourite fruit diced,2 tablespoons of lemon juice,3 cups of orange juice.Then combine all ingredients into a large mixing bowl.Mix together well.Then spoon fruit and juice into a mason jar an 8 ounce one until it reaches just below the tip of the jar.You can then freeze these as well and use as needed.Makes 8 jars.These are so convient and easy for kids to eat out of.

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Childs Dress Up Box.

For kids who like to dress up you can fill up a box of dress up items from a thrift shop. Also add some accessories from the dollar store. You can also find Halloween reduced costumes in stores. For a boy a plastic tool box with a handle would be great for his items. Use your imagination for decorating the boxes. These make great christmas ideas for young children.


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Super Deals At Walmart For Back To School.

This will be my four kid’s first time at school,so shopping for four is not easy,unless you can hunt down all the sales.I have been homeschooling them all for 5 years now,but I need some time for myself.
Anyway at Walmart today I found a few back to school items cheap enough to stalk up on for the year.It was like shopping back in 1960 which was great for my pocket book.Pencil crayons are 50 cents,8 packs of pencils are 10 cents,2 sticks of glue for 10 cents as I said yesterday 150 paper is 15 cents,and 80 page books are 10 cents,packs of four notebooks 10 cents.
Also there is 5 piece back pack sets for 10 bucks.
Giant Tiger has some great sales today too pot pies ,bread,cheese slices,cavendish fries,tatertots all a dollar.
If you want a complete list of all the sales and coupon match ups go to http://www.mrsjanuary.com ,and http://www.simplyfrugal.com.

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DIY Wedding Ceremony Programs.


Save money and make your own wedding ceremony programs.These ones are in blue,but you can just choose colours to match your theme.I love diy ,it gives everything a personal touch.It is also fun if you love crafting.

What You Need:
• 8 1/2″ x 11″ navy blue card stock
• 3″ x 3″ light blue invitation liner paper
• 2 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ white paper card stock printed with your monogram
• 20″ to 30″ light blue ribbon (about 1/4″ thick)
• *7 1/2″ x 10″ paper printed landscape-style with the ceremony info
• Mini hole puncher
• Glue or spray adhesive

How to Make Them:
• Fold the sheet of navy blue card stock in half width-wise.
• Glue the light blue paper square onto the middle of the folded navy blue card stock. Let dry.
• Glue the monogram-printed white square on top of the recycled paper square. Let dry.
• Fold the inner page(s) width-wise and tuck into the inside of the blue program cover so that the pages come together like a booklet.
• Close the booklet with the pages still inside, and punch two holes exactly on the fold line and 2″ to 3″ away from the program’s top and bottom.
• Open the booklet and loop the light blue ribbon through the holes. Close the booklet and tie a bow around the outside to bind it together.

* Tip: Don’t have 7 1/2″ x 10″ paper? Use an 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheet for the inner pages — just set the print area for 7 1/2″ x 10″ and then trim the edges after printing. Print pages 1 and 4 on one side and pages 2 and 3 on the other.
Have fun!

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Frugal Facial Care.

Do you love using those expensive body scrubs but hate paying a small fortune for them? Here is a recipe that will give you the same results for a LOT less. You can make them for yourself or give some away as gifts.

1 cup brown sugar
1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil
2 tablespoons honey

Find a cute jar to put the scrub in. I found some really cute and inexpensive jars at IKEA in all shapes and sizes.

Add 1 cup of brown sugar.

Mix in 1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil.

2 Tablespoons of honey.

Stir all together and that’s it! Make it pretty and then either indulge in it yourself or give it to someone you care about!

This is a great tip for your skin to get ready for your wedding day ! Pamper yourself,you will have great looking skin if you start 6 months in advance.It works really well on your face as well. It can also be used as guest favours too.Wrapped with a nice ribbon in your wedding colours great gifts!
Another cheap, but great facial scrub is baking soda. Just make it into a paste and apply to your face and neck area.Leave on for 10 minutes then rinse.

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Ideas For Wedding Favours.

Dazzle your guests with wedding favors that are fresh and fun. Impress your friends for your bridal shower. All your girlfriends will love vanilla lip balms in an assortment of designs. You can even personalize these! Add your own unique touch to these practical but pretty favors. Try manicure sets that care for your hands in style. Plus,you can also give keychains,compact mirrors,hand lotions and soap favours.Pen sets also make great wedding favours and will keep you within your budget. Amazon.ca is a good place to start,also the dollar stores can be a great way to save money! Rose towel favours are also really cute favours, yet practical at the same time.Personalized match books can be done at a reasonable price.Bubble favours can be bought cheap in a large quantity.There is so many great ideas for wedding favours just use your imagination and dazzle your guests!

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Wedding Candy Buffet Ideas.





Choose an area of your wedding reception that is noticeable and easily accessible to your guests.

It is a good idea to have your wedding candy buffet against one wall as it is easier to create a one sided display rather than a buffet that needs to look good on all sides.

Use a white table cloth so your candy is shown off and if you need to create extra height in your display place boxes under the tablecloth so the candy jars are raised.

Have the biggest containers in the middle of the buffet and then have the rest of the jars around these but not too close otherwise it is difficult to get the candy.

You may want to create signs for your candy buffet so everyone knows what each of the candy is and you could create a cute sign for the front of the buffet;

Love Is Sweet

Love Is Sweet So Take A Treat

Grab a bag and help yourself to the candy buffet It’s our way of saying thank you for sharing in our wedding day Love, Mr and Mrs
Let’s start with the basics! You don’t want to buy so much candy that you have loads left over but you also don’t want to run out.

Having talked with a number of candy buffet experts the general rule for how much candy is 3-4oz per person. So if you have 100 people you will need,

100 x 4oz = 400oz divide by 16oz (as that is how many are in a lb) = 25lbs of candy!

Sounds like a lot but that amount of candy will make an impressive display.

If you want to have a variety of candy it is a good idea to put the candy you know will be the favorites into bigger jars and then user smaller containers for the candy you want for the overall color effect rather than the popularity!

I also know of some brides that have placed empty boxes into large jars and then filled the candy around the box, this results in you looking like you have more candy than you do. Be careful choosing the boxes if you do decide to do this as you want your wedding candy buffet to look good all the time.

Having a wedding candy buffet is a really cute and fun idea to have at your wedding and there are so many different ways that you can create a stunning candy display. They look great and taste yummy which has to be the perfect combination!

There are a number of companies that have started to supply candy buffets and they do look great but they can end up being expensive. So it is worth costing out how much it would cost you to put together your own candy buffet.

To create your own candy buffet you will need candy, containers to display the candy, scoops and paper bags or cones for your guests to take the candy away in.

Some couples choose to have a candy buffet instead of a dessert and a candy buffet is a great alternative to a cheap wedding favor, so both ways you will save money. Which we all like!

Blue Candy Buffet You want your Wedding candy buffet to look impressive and to be part of your wedding. One way is to choose your candy by color, so if your wedding colors and pink your wedding candy will be shades of pink too. You can also add your favorite candy too.

You will find that candy is cheaper is you buy in bulk and that mainly means buying online, but also check out your local stores such as Target to see what the bargains are. Another good reason to buy your candy online is that they will have the colors that you want and you will see candy that you probably have never seen before.

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DIY Heart Garland For Your Wedding.

Step 1: Grab a strip of paper and fold it in half. A variety of different size stripes of paper and colors will add some charm to your heart garland, trust us-it’ll be so cute when the hearts are in different weights of chubbiness!

Step 2: While your paper is still folded in half, add double sided tape to the outside of one end.

Step 3: Curl the two ends in until they meet in the middle and form the shape of a heart, then press down so it is secured by the tape.

Step 4: Add 3 hole punches. Add one in the center and one on the left and right side of the heart. Hole punch toward the top so the hearts don’t topple over when strung through with twine.

Once all your hearts are hole punched, just string through some baker’s twine and you’re done! This project is so easy and quick, it will probably take you 20 minutes! xoxo!

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