Store Bought Laundry Soaps Last Stand.

Image use homemade cleaning products all the time,the only time I will purchase store boughten items is with a coupon and it’s free.Here is two recipes for homemade laundry soap,and fabric softner.Give it a whirl with your own laundry.Then come back and let me know how it went.I’m sure this will be your last store boughten soaps.Some of your clothes will still need a boost with homemade oxi-clean.I will provide you with the recipe next.There is no difference in it’s cleaning ability for me anyway.It has cost me 20.00 bucks this year for laundry soap.You will save alot of dollars making your own.The best part is the laundry soap is a no grate recipe which I love!You can make a gallon of detergent in just a few minutes.To make the homemade fabric Softener mix 6 cups of water in a 1 gallon container,add 3 cups of vinegar,and 2 cups of hair conditioner.I just use the dollar store stuff.You can use the scent you like.That’s what is great about homemade solutions saving,and using the scents you love.Use the same amount you would in your rinse cycle or spritz a wash cloth and throw it in the dryer.To make the laundry soap use one gallon container pour 4 cups of boiling water in it.Add 3 tablespoons of borax,3 tablespoons of washing soda,and 2 tablespoons of dawn dish soap.Dawn works best at cutting grease.Swirl all ingredients until mixed well.Use 1/2 to 1 cup per load.Be sure to come back when you’ve tried it,let me know how it worked.

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