New Uses for Old Things.

ImageImage Go to for a tutorial on how too make these potatoes out of old panty hose.I thought this was such a cute idea ,for kid’s play food,and they look so real.      Use old scrabble tiles as magnets for a message board,or for your refridgerator.It’s an easy project,just go to the dollar store,you can buy a pack of two magnet sheets for a buck.Then cut out the magnets into small squares ,and attach onto the back of the scrabble tiles.Just use your imagination and creativity and you can find alot of uses for old things.

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2 thoughts on “New Uses for Old Things.

  1. beebeesworld says:

    I love your site and will follow-it is different from any of the others I have seen. Mine is mostly poems, prose,stories, recipes, etc but I do anything that inspires me. I hope you will follow mine as well. I found your blog while i was trying to find out how give awards-and, hoping to receive some. I still don’t know HOW to do it,, Ive read several article about it but none really said, “first you do this, then you do that-they more or less encouraged you to give award to others if you received them-do you know how to GIVE awards…if so, would you share?

    • coville123 says:

      I did receive an award but did not do it right.Wish I could be of more help.One thing you need to do is link back to that persons site.I only did one Keep trying and we’ll figure it out I hope.I love your poems their great.

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