Summer Fun Bucket.

More summer fun tips! 21 tips too go.Try making a papier mache veggie tale pinata.Make a mixture of flour and water stir out all the lumps.Blow up a balloon and cover it with strips of newspaper dipped into the flour mixture.Let dry ,and add about 3 layers. Try too make it as smooth as you can.Leave an opening in the top that you do not cover with newspaper.The hole should be big enough to put candy in.When fully dry paint it redand don’t forget to break the balloonThen add a small stick and green tissue paper at the top too cover up the hole,put the candy in first.Then using construction paper make eyes,and a mouth.Image                                                                                   Make a popsicle stick pen holder.Get an empty can wash it and take off the paper.Glue popsicle sticks all around the can.Hold them on with elastics until dry.Then decorate,and paint it.Image                   Make a juice can lid picture magnet.Attach a magnet onto the back of your lid.Then paint inside the lid and add a favourite photo.Stick it on the fridge.Image                                                                   Make messages in bottle caps.Use little beads with letters on them.ImageGlue messages inside the caps.You can paint them,and decorate whichever way you want.Stick a magnet onto the back for the fridge.                                                                                                                                                Make egg carton flowers.Cut out the egg cup part ,cut into points,or petal shapes,paint them.Then add a pipe cleaner into the bottom ,Imageand display in a little jar.                                                Make a cd photo ornament.Pick a favourite photo for grandma,then glue onto a cd.You may want too paint it first.Hang a piece of string from it,that way grandma can hang it up.Image                                     Make a book worm book mark.Cut out 6 circles make the one for the top a little smaller.Use green construction paper.Do eyes on the top circle,on the second circle write let’s,the third circle an r,next e,a,and d.Then glue each circle together and it will say let’s read.Image                                              Try macaroni art.Give the kid’s elbow macaroni,and bow tie and any other shaped pasta you have.Give them some paper,glue,and paint.Let them go to work and see what they come up with.Image                                  Make popsicle stick frames.Then glue on old puzzle pieces around the frame for a new way too display your photos.Image                                                                                                                            This is a cool craft to make for a golfer in your life.You can also do this with tennis balls and even basket balls.Glue together four golf balls for the bottom,then two on top of the four,and one ball on top of the two balls.Cut a foam ball in half to glue to the one ball this will be the dog’s nose.Add a black nose with felt.Add googly eyes onto the one golf ballImage.Cut out two dog’s ears from felt,and a tail.Glue these on.You can follow the picture shown.Don’t forget the ribbon on his neck.                                                        You can buy wooden items from the dollar store.Let the kid’s choose the one they want,and then let them paint them.                                                                                                                                               Make a duct tape pillow.You can get all different colours of duct tape I find them at the dollar store for a buck.Lay down about 7 pieces of duct tape overlapping each other,turn over and cover the other side with duct tape.You will need two of these sheets the same size.Trim off any excess around the edges.Then close offImageImage all sides of the pillow with duct tape leave an opening for pillow fluff.Stuff it full using a wooden spoon to get it all in.Then cover it up with the duct tape.                                                                                                                                    Paint cans or jars with acyrilic paint too hold craft items.Do all different colours.Image                                 Make barbie dishes and food from pop caps.Use craft foam to put into the bottom of the cap to make the bottom look nice.Use old beads and paint them red for apples,green for peas,yellow for lemons.Use craft foam orange and cut small strips for carrots,and yellow for corn glue into the lids.Use rolled up tin foil for baked potatoes.Brown craft foam for meat.The girl’s will have fun creating these for their barbies.Image                                   Make a duct tape purse.Lay about 7 strips down overlapping each other then turn it over and cover the other side with duct tape.Trim off excess edges.Fold your purse in half and tape down each side too hold it closed.Then make a strap out of duct tape tear a piece off as long as you want your strap,then put another piece over top of that.Staple it into each side of your purse,and cover staples with duct tape.Image

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