Stars Of The Table.

These pilgrim hats for your table on Thanksgiving are so cute,I love these.They also make great thank you gifts if you have been invited to someone elses house this Thanksgiving.
Just paint a terra cotta pot with black spray paint do this outside.Then use black card stock covered over with black felt for the rim of your hat.Make the hole only large enough to fit your flowers in.Use a hot glue gun and yellow felt for the belt buckle.You can use small terra cotta pots decorated the same as above as place card holders.
Make these little candle holders thestars of your table on Thanksgiving day.Use miniature pumpkins,or jack be littles to hold little tea light candles.Place your tealight candle on top of your pumpkin and trace it.Then cut it out and clean out the inside.Then place your candle in there.These are adorable!
You can also fill mini pumpkins with candy ,use directions above scoop out the seeds and pulp.Make a small pouch to fit inside using plastic wrap then fill with your favourite candy.Let your guests take one home with them.
Your table will look so nice your guests will definitely be impressed.

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