Summer Fun Bucket.

Here is a good use for all those broken crayons that we all throw out; it seems wasteful. Gather them up, peel off the paper, and add about 10 different colours into your measuring cup. Melt the crayons in the microwave. Time will vary with each microwave, so watch closely. Stir often. Use plastic candy or sucker molds you can get in the craft section. When melted pour crayon mix into the molds. Let them cool overnight and remove from molds. We do this often the kids love colouring with their favourite characters.Then let the kid’s colour give them lots of paper.                                                                                                                             Have a rainbow theme start out with rainbow pancakes.Mix up your batter then seperate into different bowls and add food colouring into each one.Then cook as normal.This is just another great idea your kid’s will remember you for.You can also cut there sandwiches into rainbow shapes.Using fruit loop cereal have them glue cereal onto their paper in a rainbow shape.Use sidewalk chalk to draw rainbows on the side walk.ImageImageImage I hope you’ve enjoyed your 100 tips for summer fun!

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