Cool Fast Oreo Spiders.


Let’s face it we live in a fast paced, high stressed society,parents just do not have a lot of time to bake.Running here running there,work,daycare,extra curricular activities etc.Still your child needs something for his halloween party.Make oreo cookie spiders there fast,easy and will make you look more creative.These are so easy the kid’s can help to! So don’t stress mom just do these.

Take an oreo cookie use black jelly beans,or smarties and attach onto the top of the cookie with frosting or peanut butter.Then cut about 8 -1 inch strips of shoestring black,or red licorice.Then stick four pieces of the licorice into each side of the cookie as spider legs.Also try pretzels for the legs.

Use your imagination and see with what you come up with.Easy,fast,and adorable.


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