Summer Fun Bucket.

Here is three more summer fun tips for today.Try painting with golf balls.You will need about 5 cups for holding the paint,and a spoon for each one.Add a different colour paint too each cup.Put a golf ball in each one.Put a piece of paper in a plastic container,and add a golf ball with your spoon.ove the plastic container around and the golf ball will roll around on the paper making different patterns.Then do the same with all the different coloured golf balls.When your done wash off the golf balls and start over.Image                                                                                                                Give the kid’s paper bags,with googly eyes,pipe cleaners,markers,and some different coloured wool.Let them make puppets, and then let them do a puppet show for you!ImagePlay in jello!Make jello  per box instructions before it sets add some treats into the jello like gummy worms,gum balls,or any small treat.Let it set in the fridge when it’s done let the kid’s take turns putting their hands in the jello to pull out a treat.When your done have a bowl of jello with whip cream,but not from the one they played in!Image

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  1. Susie Shoaf says:

    I really liked this article.

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