Diy Frankenstein Gowing Jars.

Create these really decorative jars that will light a glowing green pathway to your door on halloween night.
Use glass canning jars with lid bands.Remove the jar tops,then bands from the lids.Paint the bands black using acyrilic paint ,and paint the jars green.Let dry.Then give them a second coat.Then spray black bands with sealer spray.Let dry.
Use a large round sponge applicator dip into white paint and dot on the eyes in the front of the jar.
Mix a small amount of white and green paint to make a light green colour.Dip a small round applicator sponge into the light green paint,and dab on as the nose.Let dry.
Then using a black marker draw on stitches,and a mouth onto the face.
Use glue to attach a nut to each side of the jar.Instant grab glue works best.
Dip medium round sponge into black paint and add pupils to the eyes.Let dry.When everything is dry screw black bands back onto the jars and add a tealight candle.Then when it’s dark watch how they glow.Your little guests will be delighted by these! So cute!

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