Summer Fun Bucket.

Why not have a day with a bird theme.Print out some pictures of birds of all types,let the kid’s spread glue all over their picture,and glue different feathers onto their pictures.You can buy all different coloured feathers at the dollar store.You can also try a shredded wheat bird nest.Line a bowl with glue and crumble several large pieces of wheat cereal into the bowl.It should stick to the glue on the sides of the bowl,and should resemble a bird’s nest.Then let them add candy eggs too them.Do a pinecone bird feeder.Just roll it in peanut butter,then roll in bird seed or bread crumbs.Tie a string onto it and hang up in a tree.You can also do this with a corn cob base as well.Make birdseed play dough.Mix 2 cups of flour,1cup of salt,and a half cup of bird seed with just enough water to make play doh texture.When you are done playing with it place in a tree.Have some books on birds.Also binoculars so the kid’s can do some bird watching.Maybe even catch a good picture of some.Great learning activity.                                 Image                                                     Let the kid’s plant their own garden.You do not need a big space just use what you have.If you live in an apartment use planters on the balcony to grow some nice flowers.Try a sunflower they grow fast.Also for real young kids take a leg of a pair of pantyhose fill with dirt ,and a little grass seed.Tie off the open end of the hose.Let them draw a face on it with markers.Then have them wet it daily, not too much it will grow grass out of the panty hose.If you have space try planting,potatoes,pumpkins,carrots,and cucumbers.The kid’s will then get a chance too enjoy the fruit of their labour.When Halloween comes they will enjoy carving their own pumpkins.These are also easy too grow for me anyway.I do not have a green thumb,and have killed many plants.They can also share some with the neighbors,we usually give them a mixed basket with a pumpkin.Image                                   Try making a duct tape t-shirt purse.Have some old t-shirts with spaghetti straps ,well do not throw them away.Turn your shirt inside out and cover the whole inside with duct tape.Then trim off any excess.Staple the bottom of the open end straight across, use a ruler if you want it perfectly straight ,too draw a line with a pen.Then cover the staples with more duct tape so you do not pock your fingers.Turn the bag right side out ,ImageImageImageand and you have a little tote bag,or purse.

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