Summer Fun Bucket.

Here is three more fun tips to add to your summer fun bucket.Make rainbow play rice.It can be used as an indoor,or outdoor sandbox.Once your done making the rice add plastic cups,shovels,spoons,bowls,funnels.Kid’s will play with this for hours.It’s also easy to clean up when their done.You will need 12 cups of uncooked rice,6 ziplock baggies,food colouring,a plastic container for holding the rice,and hand sanitizer.Place 2 cups of rice in each bag,and about 1-2 drops of food colouring,and shake up the bag.Repeat until you achieve the colour you want.Repeat with each bag.Put rice in plastic container.Keep colours seperated,and let it dry overnight.Then it will be ready for many fun filled days of rice play! Make a look and find bottle.Fill a plastic bottle with coloured rice for a rainbow look.Add different objects into the bottle,like safety pins,erasers,rings,just little things around the house.Pour some rice in the bottle,add your trinkets,more rice and so on.Fill just over half way.Glue the lid on for smaller kid’s so you do not end up with rice all over.The kid’s can shake it around and try to find the objects.ImageImage                                                                           Make a block of ice,this will take you a couple days too complete.Get a fair size plastic container,add a little bit of water to the bottom.Add toys from around the house,or different objects ,put them in the water.Drop a couple of drops of food colouring around the water.Freeze overnight.Then the next day add more water and toys,add more food colouring use different colours each day for a splash of colour.Then freeze again,and repeat the process one more time.Then take your block of ice outside to a work table.Take your block of ice out of it’s container,and give your child some salt,water,and a little hammer to melt and chip away at the ice to see what’s inside.This will keep them busy for a few hours.They will have fun finding the objects in the ice.Image      Get clay pots from the dollar store with some acyrilic paints.If you have stencils use them too.You can also have the kid’s colour pictures and glue them onto the pots.When it’s dry ,you can add shellac to protect the pictures.Have the kid’s paint and decorate them.Then fill with dirt once there dry,and plant a flower.Try a sunflower they grow fast.The kid’s can also use the pots to put pencils and pens in them.Image

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