A Frugal Play Date too Remember.

ImageI will give you 10 great tips for outdoor summer frugal fun.Have the kid’s invite over a couple of friends,and have a play date they won’t soon forget!We have done this many times and everyone had a blast.It’s messy but something they will never forget.Tell the kid’s to be sure and wear old clothing so you don’t have to worry about staining.I just choose 3-4 activities from the list,but if your really adventerous try them all.The first one is spray painting.I will give you the recipe for homemade paint you can use.Gather three or four spray bottles.Tape some paper in a spot in the yard,be sure to lay down a tarp or old shower curtain to avoid a big mess.I buy the brown rolls of paper used by Canada Post for sending packages.Sometimes newspaper offices throw out rolls of white paper they may be willing to give you.Put a different colour of paint in each bottle and have fun spray painting.You can also do foot painting.Put different colour paints into containers large enough for a child to dip their foot in it.Lay down a tarp,and roll out paper they can dip their feet in the containers and walk on the paper.Be sure to provide a bucket of water for rinsing their feet off in between colours.To make homemade paint Mix 2 cups flour with 2 teaspoons of salt,add 2 1/2 cups of cold water stir until smooth, gradually add this mixture to 2 cups of boiling water.Boil until mix is smooth and thick.Add food colour until you get the desired colour.Then when their done painting let them run through the sprinkler.That will keep them busy for awhile who doesn’t love running in the sprinkler.You could try Whats That Smell.Fill a bunch of paper bags with different items such as oranges,bananas,perfume,a dirty sock or whatever you find around the house.Blind fold each child and have them guess whats in the bag no touching only smelling.Whoever gets the most correct wins.Try icecube melt divide the kids into two groups and give each team an icecube.Each child has to roll the ice around in their hands and then pass to the next team member.Which ever team melts the cube first wins.Set up a bubble station.The recipe for homemade bubbles is 1 cup of water,2 tablespoons of light karo syrup or glycerin,4 tablespoons of dishwasing liquid.Mix together and have fun.For bubble blowers make shapes out of pipe cleaners,use cookie cutters,mason jar lid rings,a cocktail strainer,or a wire hanger bent into a circle,also the empty frozen orange juice containers work well.You might want to try simon says,tug of war,or the memory game.Fill a tray full of 20 items then give the kid’s time to look at the tray.Give them a pencil and paper.Whoever remembers the most wins.Try face painting,the recipe is 1 tsp of cornstarch,1/2 teaspoon of cold cream,1/2 teaspoon of cold water,and food colouring.Mix and paint away.This will wash off with cold cream.Have fun!

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