Couponing in Canada.

Image My Wal-mart deals today.Seven boxes of stayfree pads on sale for 1.97 coupon for 2.00 printable and is still available to print go to bought 30 Glade air freshners for 1.00 each there was a coupon insert in your paper buy 15.00 dollars in glade products and save 10.00 dollars.Priced matched from Rexall two toilette tissues 16 rolls each for 2.99 I had two 2.00 dollar coupons from a mail out company,Also 2 bags of uncle Ben’s Rice for 1.00 had two 1.00 coupons from newspaper insert.I bought 20 bottles of men’s dove body wash for a 1.00 a bottle I had a coupon when you buy 2 men’s dove products save 2.00 from newspaper insert.So total cost was 47.44, I paid 14.40.Go to for all available Canadian coupons,deals,and flyer match-ups for the week,and freebies that are available.Also go to she has everything you need to know about couponing in Canada.She also has many you tube videos telling you how she does it.Another good site is simplyfrugal helping you save money in Canada.These are all great sites that will tell where and how to get coupons,and how to get great savings.

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