Edible Slimy Worms Recipe.

Image While I was searching around I found these disgusting,slimy,life like gelatin worms.So cute, and yet so  gross.Great for your next halloween party.Imagine the looks on your guests faces when they see a big bowl of these slimy critters.Especially when they learn there edible,don’t know if I could bring myself to eat one.I will definitely  be doing this recipe,just to see the reactions on the kid’s faces.I can’t wait! For this recipe it’s important to use a tall slim container to hold the straws.Use a 1 litre milk or juice carton that has a four cup capacity.The straws must fit tightly together so the jello does not run out of the straws before the jello sets.Buy straws with the flexible neck,they give the worms a more realistic look.The recipe will make 100 worms.In a medium size heat safe mixing bowl,stir together 3/4 oz of unflavoured gelatin,and 1 package of purple gelatin( 6 oz.)Poor 3 cups of boiling water over the gelatin mix,stirring gelatin ,until dissolved.Cool gelatin until slightly warm.Stir 3/4 cups of whipping cream into the gelatin mixture.Stir in geen food colouring about 10 drops ,or until the gelatin gets a purple-brown-grey colour.With 100 straws fully extended and snug in your container,pour the gelatin mix over the straws,filling the container.Cover the container and chill for eight hours.You can can make these two days in advance, and store this way.When set remove straws from the container cutting or tearing a disposable container is the easiest.Run hot tap water over 4-5 straws at a time for a couple of seconds.Press with your fingers, and remove the worms from the straws.Set them on wax paper to set up.Do this until all worms are removed from the straws.Then chill covered on wax paper for 2 hours.Then serve in a chilled bowl to the disgust of your guests! I hope you have enjoyed this one,I sure have.Sick sense of humour huh!

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