Kid’s Fun Snack Activity Table for Thanksgiving.


Make the kid’s table as a snack,and activity center to keep your little ones occupied.Make the kid’s table fun and inviting for them.Have some snacks out for early afternoon,or in case dinner is late.Here is 5 fun snack ideas for them.

The first is a fruit gobbler this is such a fun cute idea,and pretty easy to do.Stabilize a melon body by cutting a shallow slice of rind to form a flat base.Using a section of a bamboo skewer,attach a bosc pear as the head to the melon.Cut a piece of cheese into a triangle as a beak,and red pepper as a snood then attach both,along with raisin eyes,to the head with sections of the toothpick,as shown above.Cut red pepper feet, and set in place.For tall feathers,skewer cheese cubes,and red grapes then insert as pictured above.Pin peppers on side as feathers with toothpicks.This is fun to create,and to eat.

You could try some healthy cranberry nut mix.Just add 2 cups of raw sunflower seeds,1 cup of pinenuts,1 cup of pumpkin seeds,1 cup of dried,sweetened cranberries,and 1 cup of raisins.Mix all together ,and put in a festive bowl.The kid’s will love it!

Next we have adorable vegetable flowers,kid’s will have fun with this snack.Cut cucumbers into circles place in a flower shape at the top of your plate as pictured above.Place a cherry tomato into the middle of your pedals.Use a thinly sliced celery stick as the stem.Add some spinach,or lettuce as your leaves.Line the bottom of your plate with baby carrots for a fence.Give the kid’s some ranch dressing for dipping.

Fill icecream cones with popcorn,nuts,smarties,and m&m’s.Very fun snack idea!

Make watermelon pop stars just cut out watermelons in the shape of a star using cookie cutters.Then insert a popsicle stick into the bottom.

For the table make place cards with each child’s name on it.Add a placemat that each child can colour.Put some crayons,markers,and scissors in the middle of the table.

For free printables go to They have many Thanksgiving printables a colouring placemat,headband decoration,pilgrim hats,food cut out placemat,puzzle mats,turkey coasters,and place cards.

Also go to They have printable games like turkey bowling,football,and balloon.Fun games.They have printable mazes,wordpuzzles,and colouring pages.

At they have colouring pages,stationery sheets really nice ones,invitations,and a shopping list.All kinds of other printables as well.You could also fill up some goodie bags full of candy treats,and little trinkets from the dollar store,and place at each child’s spot at the table.You could also hand them out while children are leaving.

All these activities will keep everyone occupied while you cook dinner.It will give everyone a fun filled day together.

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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