Wood Pallet Mania.

Oh my gosh I cannot believe what people have made out of wooden shipping pallets.Some people are just so creative,and even inspire people who are not at all crafty like myself.These projects have me really inspired.My basement is full of these wooden pallets,they were here when I moved in.I’m so glad I did not get rid of them.My family will wish I did they just roll their eyes when I get into these projects.
I love these ideas people have made couches,nightstands,coffee tables I love the one with the wheels on it! They have even made beds out of them.The beach type chair is so cool.Love the American Flag one.The book shelves is one I need my books are all over the place.I need the shoe holder as well with 5 kid’s we have alot of shoes.
The benches are great,as well as the plant holders.There is so much you can do with these pallets,just use your imagination.
You can go to http://webecoist.momtastic there is about 20 upcycling wood pallet ideas for sleds,shoe holders,chairs,bicycle cart,and a couch you have to check it out.
Also at http://www.diylife.com has more cool ideas for wood pallets.I just love the whole idea, these pallets are so plentiful,and easy to get.So you can make really nice furniture,but inexpensive furniture from these creative ideas.

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