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Frugal Facial Care.

Do you love using those expensive body scrubs but hate paying a small fortune for them? Here is a recipe that will give you the same results for a LOT less. You can make them for yourself or give some away as gifts.

1 cup brown sugar
1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil
2 tablespoons honey

Find a cute jar to put the scrub in. I found some really cute and inexpensive jars at IKEA in all shapes and sizes.

Add 1 cup of brown sugar.

Mix in 1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil.

2 Tablespoons of honey.

Stir all together and that’s it! Make it pretty and then either indulge in it yourself or give it to someone you care about!

This is a great tip for your skin to get ready for your wedding day ! Pamper yourself,you will have great looking skin if you start 6 months in advance.It works really well on your face as well. It can also be used as guest favours too.Wrapped with a nice ribbon in your wedding colours great gifts!
Another cheap, but great facial scrub is baking soda. Just make it into a paste and apply to your face and neck area.Leave on for 10 minutes then rinse.

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DIY Heart Garland For Your Wedding.

Step 1: Grab a strip of paper and fold it in half. A variety of different size stripes of paper and colors will add some charm to your heart garland, trust us-it’ll be so cute when the hearts are in different weights of chubbiness!

Step 2: While your paper is still folded in half, add double sided tape to the outside of one end.

Step 3: Curl the two ends in until they meet in the middle and form the shape of a heart, then press down so it is secured by the tape.

Step 4: Add 3 hole punches. Add one in the center and one on the left and right side of the heart. Hole punch toward the top so the hearts don’t topple over when strung through with twine.

Once all your hearts are hole punched, just string through some baker’s twine and you’re done! This project is so easy and quick, it will probably take you 20 minutes! xoxo!

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Choosing The right Colours For Bridesmaid Dresses.

image_tmhomemade_bridesmaid_dress_tmbridesmaids_tmIf you’re arranging a wedding, you will find plenty of details to arrange and choose upon, from picking your wedding dress to setting a date and booking a photographer. Even so, you also have to aim a few of your focus in your wedding party, particularly your bridesmaids. Amongst your bridal shower, bachelorette party and your big day, your girls will be helping you out a lot. You’ll need to decide on their dresses, including the fashion, length and especially the color with the dresses.
•Pick a color that will not merely look great around the dresses but in addition scattered all through your reception. Your wedding colors are reflected as part of your bridesmaids’ dresses, the table settings and the flower arrangements.

•Take into consideration the colors that go very best using the season when you are going to be possessing your wedding. Springtime weddings contact for light pastels, summer weddings search fantastic accented with vivid, bold colors, winter weddings glisten with ice blue and silver and autumn weddings reflect the colors of changing leaves.

•Determine what time of day you’re going to be holding your wedding. If you’re having a wedding throughout the afternoon, you will want a lighter colored dress. Evening occasions call for darker dresses.

•Think about how formal an occasion you are going to be possessing, this will likely help establish what shade of color to go with. Casual weddings can get away with just about any color, but ultra-formal occasions might contact for dark brown or black dresses.

•Take your bridesmaids’ coloring and form into consideration. Bold colors don’t flatter heavier women, and dark colors might make females with pale skin search washed out. If your bridesmaids have very various coloring, think about deciding on diverse shades in the identical color for the bridesmaids’ dresses.

•Ask your bridesmaids what colors they choose, you don’t necessarily should take their suggestions, but their guidance could allow you to narrow down your color options. Also, should you do end up going having a color that your bridesmaids recommend, you understand they’ll be just as joyful as you may be to order the wedding dresses. The best strategy to see what colors will (and will not) appear great in your wedding party is to ask absolutely everyone to head to a bridal shop and attempt on a variety of dresses.
No matter what your budget you will find some great ideas,I am planning a whole series on some ideas for planning a wedding.I will post new ideas daily to help you plan your special day and stay within your budget.

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Valenties Day Ideas.

valentines_pancakes_s2bandaid_valentine_sHang a glow stick on his car mirror if you can. Have a tape ready in the player so when he starts his car, the song “You Light Up My Life” starts playing. Write “priceless” in the card. Use the for sale column in the newspaper in the card.
Write “Dad’s an old smoothie, never rough on me.” Use sandpaper and silk in card.

Write “Where have you bean all my life.” Glue on a dried bean.

I have done this candy card for my husband a few times in 11 years. It is cheap and easy. All you need is a piece of poster board, a marker, and candy bars. Write a letter on the poster board to go with the candy. I use tape to put the candy on the poster board. My husband loves it! Here is the latest one I gave him:
I hope you SNICKER when you read this. I love you to PIECES (REESES). Your love is as exciting as getting 100 GRAND on PAYDAY to spend on 5th AVENUE. My HEART skips a beat each time you KISS (KISSABLES) me. You are a-MAZING and MOUNDS of fun. So sit back and TAKE 5 BABY (RUTH). Love your NUTRAGEOUS SWEETHEART!.

PS: I used a marker to darken the words on the candy I didn’t use such as ABLE on KISSABLES.

Source: I came up with the idea for a letter after seeing all the “one-liners” (You’re such a “SMARTIE”) out there.

Use bandaids and have the kids write on the bandaids with marker.
•I’m stuck on you

•Let’s stick together

•You make me feel better

•I’m there if you get in a scrape

They can add stickers on them or decorate with markers. Add a sucker to give with them.
Heart shaped pancakes are a perfect way to wake up your loved ones on Valentine’s day. You could even surprise them with a special flavor or topping too.
Just a few ideas for Valentines Day for those special people in your lives .HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERY ONE ENJOY !

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Earn extra Money With Swag Bucks.

Need extra money join swagbucks the most rewarding site on the net.Cash in your points for amazon gift cards,or pay pal,and many other gift cards or from the swag store.
Swagbucks.com is the web’s premier rewards site. Powered by Prodege LLC, Swagbucks.com allows web users to earn virtual currency by doing the things they do every day – search the web, shopping at their favorite retailers, and by engaging in other activities such as phone recycling, submitting polls, and completing special offers. Swagbucks.com is the only place on the web to get what you want without ever having to spend a dime.
Just taking a few minutes a day for the daily polls and no obligation special offers and using the search bar will give you 4 easy points a day.Also you win swag bucks just for searching the regular sites you go to everyday.
You can earn more if you do the tasks,special offers,surveys,and earn just watching swag bucks tv you must check it out!http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/coville123
You can also get a 1000 swagbucks for each person you refer.
Search & Win What have you got to lose check it out !

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DIY Chocolate Sundae Gift Idea.

What’s not to like about toasted marshmallows and melted chocolate? Just package chocolate,graham crackers,and lots of marshmallows for smores snacking. You can use clear plastic type box,or a gift basket,a jar would work to.I’m sure most people would love this gift I know I would!
This icecream sundae box is from homemadetipjunkie.com I thought this was such a cool idea.Just attach a tag that says just add icecream,very cute! Use some waffle cones,cone bowls,and a variety of sprinkles in small baby food jars,or baggies just add some nice ribbons tied on the bags or jars in a nice gift box.Add a jar of homemade chocolate syrup .You will find the recipe on this blog under diy hot fudge sauce and whip cream.
Very thoughtful unique gift idea and affordable.

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Chocolate Peppermint Candy Sticks.

These are so easy to make,just put 5 candy sticks in a clear cellophane bag,then staple them closed.Then use decorative paper labels to attach to the top.Cute little gifts!
You will need:
1 cup dark or milk chocolate chips
1 teaspoon vegetable oil
15 (4-inch) soft or hard peppermint sticks
white nonpareils

1.In a small bowl, microwave the chocolate chips and oil for 1 minute, then continue in 10-second bursts, stirring between heatings. When most, but not all, of the chips have melted, stir the chocolate until it is smooth.

2.Spread the nonpareils on a sheet of waxed paper. Dip one end of each peppermint stick into the chocolate, then roll it in the nonpareils. Set the sticks on another sheet of waxed paper until the chocolate has set, about 1 hour.
Great for stocking stuffers.

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Creepy Bandaid Crackers,

These gruesome cookies are sure to creep out your party guests. If they are brave enough to try one they are sure to love them.

Approximate Time: 1 hour


Wilton Cookie Icing
graham crackers
red cake decorating gel


Break the graham cracker sheets into fourths. NOTE: I found that a sharp knife pressed into the seam between the crackers makes it easier to separate them.
I found that chilling the icing made it easier to work with, otherwise its too runny. Draw an outline of a square in the center of each cracker, then fill it in.
Allow the icing to harden. That will take about 60 minutes.
Put a blob of red decorating gel into each “band-aid pad”. Varying the placement and shape makes them look more real. Use a toothpick to spread the decorating gel.
Consider serving them on a plate with a box of band-aids.Such a neat idea!

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Glow In The Dark Jello Drink.

Glow in the dark JELLo is not only a fun science project, but a super fun Halloween treat. Pick up a black light or black light bulb at your local Walmart store to show off it’s glow!
■1 cup boiling water
■1 cup tonic water
■1 package of JELL-O
■Whipped Cream and Sprinkles for topping (optional)
■Black Light
1.Bring one cup of water to a boil.
2.Pour JELL-O packet into a large bowl.
3.Have a grown-up help you add your boiling water.
4.Stir for two minutes with a wire whisk.
5.Have a grown-up pour one cup of tonic water into a measuring cup.
6.Slowly whisk while adding the tonic water. The mixture will be very bubbly. Give it a couple of minutes to rest.
7.Pour it into four clean jars.
8.Place in the refrigerator for two to three hours to set.
9.Top with whipped cream and sprinkles.
10.Place under a black light and watch it glow. Happy Halloween!

This recipe comes from momadvice.com she said the kid’s find the drink a little bitter,but enjoy the glow as well as the whip cream and sprinkles! It glows because of the quinone in the tonic water.Good learning experiment and fun one.

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Cool DIY Halloween Costumes.

Be a loofah sponge.Cut the matte netting into 15 easier to manage pieces.Take one piece of netting,and wrap it around your clothing.Hold in place with a safety pin.This will work better if your wearing the clothing, that way you will not do it to tight.
Gather and bunch the wrapped netting,and pin it in a few random places.You will need help to complete the back.
Repeat the second step until your dress or top,and shorts are covered with netting.Gather and bunch each layer before adding new.
Tame any loose ends and complete by pinching parts of the netting,and pinning it underneath the layers,not on top of them to give it the loofah look.
Add a rope to your costume by twisting the cord together before pinning it underneath the layer of netting.Really cool idea!
Go to http://www.sheknows.com/holidays-and-seasons/articles/972521/how-to-make-a-gumball-machine-costume They have three complete tutorials on how to make a bubble gum machine costume This is really cute,the broken IPhone,as well as where’s Waldo costume!

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