Summer Fun Bucket.

Here are some rainy day activities for your summer fun bucket.Have fun even on rainy days! If you do not want to be cooped up in the house.Revel in the rain,put on your swim suits,and head out to play in the puddles.Jump over,and in the puddles,the kid’s will love it.Try sidewalk chalk if it is lightly raining pretty up the driveway.The chalk is more vibrant on a wet surface.If you have a tarp this activitiy will be fun slippin,and slidin in the rain on the tarp.Also try floating boats in the puddles.Then finish inside with a cup of hot chocolate.Don’t forget the whip cream.Image                                   If you don’t want to go out in the rain,build a tent with blankets,pull out the board games,and snacks.Roast marshmallows using a candle flame,or make smores.Curl up inside your tent and tell ghost stories.There always fun until bed time!Image                                  Have a wacky day.Wear clothes inside out or backwards.Do up the kid’s hair in wacky ways or let them do it.Mix up your meals eat breakfast for supper.Use wacky utensils to eat with like a big wooden spoon,a spatula,chop sticks.Kid’s will love this!Image

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