Summer Fun Bucket.

Here is three more fun tips for your summer fun bucket,too make your summer a summer too remember!Make a jumpsie rope out of elastics,tie each elastic together to make a long rope.a child holds each end of the rope,while the other kid’s jump over the rope.Start low,and keep moving the rope higher.Whoever touches the rope while jumping over it has to hold the rope.You keep going this way,until everyone has had a turn,or tires of the game.This ones great for getting all kid’s in the neighborhood together too play.A skipping rope would work as well.Fill 2 litre plastic pop bottles half full of sand,or water.Have the kid’s paint them white,and black.When dry use them as bowling pins.Get a basketball,or soccer ball to use as a bowling ball.Tie dye some old T-shirts,spread newspaper on the ground outside too prevent staining.Fill bucket with water use the box of dye instructions for the amount,Image and temperature of the water.Twist the t-shirt into a tight coil,and put several elastic bands across the coil to hold in place.Leave about 2 inches in between each elastic.Put gloves on and submerge your shirt in the water for amount of time per instructions on the box.Average time for dying is about 15 minutes.Remove t-shirts from bucket,rinse in cold water.Leave shirts to dry on newspaper for several hours.Snip off rubber bands with scissors to un-wrap your t-shirt.

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