Gag Christmas Gifts.

Here are a few funny little gag gifts to add to everyone’s stockings. Start with snowman poop! Put a few little marshmallows into a clear bag attach card stock staple it on and then label. Very cute I love this idea!You can also fill a jar with marshmallows and label. Try this with grinch poop just use green jelly beans or any green candy.Fun ideas kids will love! For elf poop try red and green candy both.Reindeer poop use coated cherries Yum!
Wrap a package of batteries and add a tag that says toy not included,they always come in handy for something like the remote control that is if you can even find the darn thing.
Give packaged rolls of cookie dough attach a note or a card that says since everyone is short on dough I thought this might come in handy.
Give someone a dish cloth and tea towel attach a tag and tell them to enjoy their new washer and dryer.
Wrap a strainer with a nice ribbon attach a card that says I couldn’t restrain myself from wishing you a Merry Christmas.Do this with a pack of poporn and attach a card that says have a poppin good Christmas.

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