Three Super Tasty Pumpkin Seed Recipes.

ImageImageImage                                                                                            Don’t throw out those pumpkin seeds.After carving your pumpkin have the kid’s seperate the seeds from the gook.They will probably enjoy doing this.Put the seeds into a strainer,and rinse well.Then put them into a mixing bowl.Sink the seeds into some olive oil,with 1 teaspoon of salt,stir and cover let sit overnight.

Get a big cookie sheet out make sure it has sides on it.Pan out the seeds and drain as much oil off as you can,and place onto the cookie sheet.Salt lightly.Put in the oven at 350 F for 20 minutes.Stir and drain oil,then cook another 20 minutes.Check seeds every 20 minutes until browned draining any excess oil as needed

It may take up to an hour to cook them.Pumpkin seeds are chocked full of iron,and olive oil has many health benefits as well.Great healthy snack for the whole family.

Rosemary Flavoured Pumpkin Seeds.

You will need 2 cups of pumpkin seeds,put into a mixing bowl.Add 1 tablespoon of olive oil,1 tbls of dried rosemary,2 tsp of garlic salt,1/2 tsp dried thyme,and 1/2 tsp of dried sage.Use a little salt and pepper to taste.Mix everything together, coat seeds well.

Preheat oven to 275 F.Spread seeds on a cookie sheet and roast for an hour.Then stir every 15 minutes while cooking.Roast 1 hour or until golden brown.

BBQ Flavoured Pumpkin Seeds.

Use 2 1/2 cups of pumpkin seeds.Clean and rinse well.Put seeds into a mixing bowl add 2 1/2 tbls of olive oil,1/2 tsp of lemon pepper,1/2 tsp dried mustard,1/2 tsp of garlic pepper seasoning,1 tsp brown sugar,1/2 tsp liquid smoke,1/2 tsp chili seasoning mix,and 1 tsp of salt.Mix everything well be sure to coat the seeds well.

Pour pumpkin seeds onto a large cookie sheet with sides.Bake for 40-45 minutes stir about every 15 minutes.When you remove the seeds sprinkle with garlic pepper.Enjoy!

Save about 30 seeds to use to plant in the spring.There fun to watch grow,kid’s will like watching them,and caring for them!

I also added a picture of a pumpkin vomiting out the seeds,cute halloween idea for your pumpkin!

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