Summer Fun Bucket.

Here is three more exciting tips for great summer fun.Summer will be here soon.Maybe you can enjoy some of these activities on the weekends before school’s out.I’m sure the kid’s are getting restless,and looking forward too their much needed summer break.                                                                                                          Try a pirate theme for the younger ones.Let them dress up in their best pirate attire,don’t forget the sword,or just use a stick and pretend.Have a sword fight.Impress your kid’s with treasure stones for pirate lovers.The ingredients are pretty easy.Use one cup of coffee grounds,1 cup of water,1 cup of flower,1/2 cup of salt,and 1/4 cup of sand.Mix all together and form dough balls.Flatten out the balls and put a treasure inside.You can use plastic coins,and other jewels.You can even put candy in them.The dough acts as insulation so they won’t melt.Then roll the treasure back inside the dough,and form into a ball.Bake at 200 degrees for 40 minutes.They look like real rocks.Pulling them apart to find your treasure is as easy as pulling a rice crispie square apart.Hide these rocks and send them on a treasure hunt to find their treasure rocks.                                                                                                                                                    Image                                  Your laying under the sky looking at the stars,are you in a forest?No,your in your own backyard.Have a camp out you do not need to travel anywhere to have a fun camp out.Look no further then your back door.Set up your tent,grab a blanket,pillow,and the flash light or use solar powered lights.Grab the family,don’t forget your dog if you have one!You can have a barbecue,or just cook the stuff inside,and bring the food out with you.Have hotdogs,or hamburgs.Roast marshmallows,if your not allowed a campfire use a candle to roast them.Tell some scary ghost stories,or listen to your favourite music.Just have fun!Image                                       Try beach bowling,fill a bucket with sand,and pat down then turn it over too make your first pin.To set them up place one pin in the first row,two pins in the second row,three pins in the third row,and four in the last row.Take five or six steps back and draw a line in the sand.Stand behind the line and roll the ball.Each player rolls the ball twice.The next player creates his or her own bowling pins.Each player should keep track of the number of pins knocked down for each turn.At the end the winner gets to kick over the remaining sand pins.Who doesn’t like destroying a sand castle.Just watch a bunch of kids the next time your at the beach building a nice sandcastle,then along comes a little trouble maker and wham he tromps the castle!Image

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  1. Ariane says:

    i like what you are saying. great post.

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