Top Five Breakfasts for School Mornings.

ImageImageImage The most important meal of the day is breakfast.It boosts memory and concentration.So think easy and healthy,when it comes too those rushed school mornings.Try to prepare as much as you can the night before.Like setting the table,pouring the cereal,cutting up fruit.One thing I do is make pancake batter and syrup the night before,then pour them into a squeeze bottles in the fridge.You can also add fresh fruit to your pancakes.Cereal is always great ,and fast as well as peanut butter toast.Try these top five breakfasts for school mornings,vanilla yogurt topped with diced pears,and low fat granola.Whole grain cereal,peanut butter and banana sandwiches,cheese and crackers with a hand-ful of grapes for those really running late mornings.Make an omelete just chop the veggies the night before.Yogurt and pears can be prepared into small cups the night before and placed in the fridge.

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