Paper Plate Ghost.

This paper plate ghost is a wonderful family craft and a great door decoration.It is also very easy!
Cut two large oval shapes from black construction paper,and 2 smaller white ovals from white paper for the eyes.Then glue the white ovals too the black ovals.Use a black marker on the white for pupils.
Then cut out two arms from white paper,and a mouth from the black paper.Then glue your eyes and mouth to the plate.Glue the arms onto the back of the plate.Now cut crepe paper into 5 strips,about 24 inches long.Glue the crepe paper to the back of the plate so they hang from the bottom of your plate.
Add cheeks on your ghost with pink marker,and eyebrows with black marker.
Fold yarn in half and tape the open ends to the back of the plate for a hanger.
You can also just let the kid’s do the face with markers and crayons.
Then display on your front door!

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