Cool Diy Easy Halloween Costumes.

Here are 4 diy halloween costumes that are so easy ,and inexpensive.Not to mention adorable!

The first is paint chips these are easy, use a white piece of bristle board,paint different but similiar colours onto your board.Use a ruler so everything looks even.Paint the strips all different colours using acyrilic paints,and leave a strip of white between colours.Then punch 2 holes into the top of your poster.Then thread ribbon through the holes to tie around the back of your neck.That’s it super easy!

Soap bubbles just dress your child all in white clothing and attach white balloons around your childs waist with safety pins, and some down the legs.You can give them a loofah sponge to carry.For a little girl add a rubber duck to a head band.So cute.

It’s raining cats and dogs.Take an old umbrella and hot glue some stuffed animals onto your umbrella.Then pull out the rain coat and rubber boots.That’s it.So cheap,and easy!

If you have a small baby put an orange cap on him or her.Then wrap them in an orange blanket and you have a baby carrot!

I added a tip in there for holding bottled drinks at your halloween party.Clean out the pumpkin,add a bowl inside your pumpkin.Add the drinks and surround with ice!

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