Being Organized for School Mornings.

ImageThe first thing you need to do to eliminate the mad scramble of the morning rush. You need to be organized and be prepared ahead of time. I will give you some great tips to avoid the morning chaos, where tempers flare and tears flow. I have been there over and over again! I know what the mad dash is like. I also know how to make it run smoothly.

Once you implement these great tips, your mornings will run as smooth as a new BMW. Okay most mornings will, not all. Being prepared will help when you are running late. Sometimes we just can’t avoid it. We’re all human and it happens, just deal with it. Don’t beat yourself up over it. This is where being prepared will come in handy.

Make snack bags that are easily accessible for the mornings. Put cut up fruit in them, dry cereal, cheese, crackers, etc. Fill sippy cups or containers with juice or milk to keep in the fridge for on the go. That way everyone can grab breakfast when running late.

Keep a cubby at the door or a designated spot where each child can keep shoes, coats, mitts, hats, etc., so you can find them easy. There’s nothing like searching for a lost shoe when you’re late.

Keep backpacks by the door. Be sure homework is done and in the pack the night before. Keep a schedule for each child for gym days, trips, pizza days whatever it may be. Look at the schedules the night before and put the appropiate stuff in their packs.

Pack lunches after dinner so they’re ready in the morning. Make breakfast the night before. Set the table, pour cereal in the bowls or cook bacon, pancakes or muffins the night before and just pre- heat. This stuff could be done on weekends and put in the freezer for weekdays. Always have yogurt,and fruit in the fridge as well.

Lay out clothes the night before. If possible, take baths and showers at night. Keep girls hair accessories, along with a brush, in a handy location so everyone gets their hair done before going out the door. Girls with long hair could sleep with braids. It makes it easier to brush out in the morning.

For moms who work, all these tips work for yourself as well, like making your lunch, laying out your clothes, etc. Another thing is to only have out the make-up, jewelry and hair accessories you plan to use. That way, you’re not looking through a bunch of other stuff you aren’t even going to use. Just lay out the basics. Don’t forget to set your coffee maker the night before.

Turn on some music to inspire everyone to get moving. Have fun and enjoy your time together, it won’t last forever!


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