Homemade Oven Cleaner.

Image Cleaning the oven is a job I really dislike doing,but it has to be done at some point.I have at times bought commercial oven cleaners,and they can be nasty.Gas mask anyone? So I decided to try a natural oven cleaner recipe.It’s not magic or anything you will still have to use elbow grease for the job,but at least you won’t be afraid to breathe in the fumes,while you work.First remove your oven racks,just makes the job easier.I put the oven racks into 2 heavy duty garbage bags and (do this outside)dump 1 cup of ammonia into the bag and tie tight leave it sit out overnight.Then in the morning scrub with hot soapy water.For inside the oven combine two tablespoons of dish soap,2 teaspoons of borax,with 2 cups of warm water into a 16 ounce spray bottle,and mix this solution by shaking it up.Then spray on all surfaces in the oven saturate areas that have burnt on food.Then let sit for up to two hours.Next scrub the oven with a damp scrub pad dipped into baking soda to thoroughly clean the inside of your oven.Then rinse all surfaces with clean water.Then add a piece of tin foil to the bottom of your oven too make it easier to clean the next time this job has to be done.



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