DIY Hot Fudge Sauce and Whip Cream.

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Image Hot fudge sauce the main ingredient for all sundae toppings.When your day dreaming of the perfect sundae in your head,it more than likely has a river of chocolate flooding over big scoops of whipped cream.My kid’s love this and will eat it by the spoonfuls.This hot sauce tastes unlike anything you’ve ever tasted in hot fudge sauce.So self induldge ,and enjoy every spoonful don’t even think about the calories.So what are you waiting for? Go spoil yourself.Next time your having company impress them with homemade fudge sauce,and whip cream.It’s so easy to make,they also make great gifts put into a nice jar wrapped with a nice ribbon.Too make the hot fudge sauce add 1 14 oz can of sweetened condensed milk,with 1/4 cup of butter,with 3 oz of semi sweet chocolate chips chopped into small chunks,cook over low heat until sauce is smooth,and creamy.Let it completely cool then spoon into a jar.Too make the whipped cream use 2 cups of heavy whipping cream,1 1/8 cup of confectioners sugar,and 1 tsp of vanilla extract.Beat cream,sugar,and vanilla in a large bowl until stiff peaks form.A tip that helps make mixing cream easier is to put your mixer thingees, and bowl into the fridge, let them get cold.Then after your done mixing put it in the fridge and cover for up to four days.Then go ahead start building that sundae,don’t forget the cherries. 

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