Neat Gift Holder Idea From Soda Bottles.


Plastic soda bottles can be saved and re-used in a number of creative ways.I found a very cool unique idea to re-use an empty soda bottle,as a gift holder.I love this idea! It can be used at Christmas,Easter,Halloween,and any other holiday you want it for.They would be great to use in place of a party loot bag.Their free,and plentiful.

You can use a 2 litre soda bottle,or smaller depending what you want to put in them.These bottles can be sent by mail as well.

Use them for a baby shower just fill with small baby items ,if your using a 2 litre you could fit quite a bit in there,then decorate the bottle.For a small boy put in little cars,trucks,stickers,and some candy.For a little girl put in nail polish,lip gloss,jewlery,and hair items.For birthday parties just fill with candy.Another idea is if you have a friend who is sick put in cough drops,small kleenex pack ,and other items they could use.Just use your imagination when filling these up,the skies the limit.

In order to get your treats into the bottle,cut out a flap at the side of your bottle large enough to fit your trinkets in.Make it like a door.Then stuff your treats inside through the door.You can also add some confetti,or tissue paper in for colour.Use packing tape to cover over the hole.Then cut out a piece of card stock to stick around your bottle to cover the hole you cut.Then you can add a message onto the card stock.Also tie a coloured ribbon around the top of the bottle to make it look nice.Good for stocking stuffers,kid’s will love these.Such a neat idea!

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