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Free Coupon Deal’s This Week.

Secret deodorant is on sale at Rexall two for 4.00 dollars use your two dollar off coupon from the P&G insert,it’s free.Also Old Spice deodorant is on sale at Rexall as well for 2.00 dollars use your four dollar coupon when you buy two and it,s free.That coupon was in your P&G insert as well.
Go to http://www.mrsjanuary.com for everything you need to know about couponing.She is also on you tube.

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Walmart Coupon Deals.


Couponing deals were great today 40 tubes of toothpaste and 20 toothbrushes all free.They paid me 11.33 cents for all of it.The toothpaste coupons were in the P&G insert found on May 8 for crest. As well as toothbrush coupons floating around stores on coupon boards.Now that kind of shopping I love free and they pay you !

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Many Free Halloween printables .

You have to check out http://www.familyfun.go.com/printables They have quite an assortment of all types of printables.Such a cool site!
They have 3 different halloween count down calendars to choose from.Little ones are getting excited so counting down the days will be fun for them.
They have halloween colouring pages to keep everyone busy leading up to the big candy haul!
They have quite a few paper crafts to choose from a goulish ghost pattern,origami,and a USA paper airplane,and 3 d characters such as dracula,and a turkey for Thanksgiving.They also have bat,and ghost patterns.
They have an assortment of many other printables puzzles,games,kid’s planners,photo frames,all ocasion stickers,and printable labels.Thanksgiving dinner leftover labels,silly lunch labels these are so adorable and fun!Treat labels,birthday party printables,and so much more.I love this site it has so much to offer! If you haven’t checked it out yet do it you’ll love it!

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Cool DIY Halloween Costumes.

Be a loofah sponge.Cut the matte netting into 15 easier to manage pieces.Take one piece of netting,and wrap it around your clothing.Hold in place with a safety pin.This will work better if your wearing the clothing, that way you will not do it to tight.
Gather and bunch the wrapped netting,and pin it in a few random places.You will need help to complete the back.
Repeat the second step until your dress or top,and shorts are covered with netting.Gather and bunch each layer before adding new.
Tame any loose ends and complete by pinching parts of the netting,and pinning it underneath the layers,not on top of them to give it the loofah look.
Add a rope to your costume by twisting the cord together before pinning it underneath the layer of netting.Really cool idea!
Go to http://www.sheknows.com/holidays-and-seasons/articles/972521/how-to-make-a-gumball-machine-costume They have three complete tutorials on how to make a bubble gum machine costume This is really cute,the broken IPhone,as well as where’s Waldo costume!

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Free Halloween Printables.

At http://www.livinglocurto.com/2012/09/dog-halloween-par she is offering free halloween printables which include 4×6 invitations,2 circle gift tags,and mini flags that can be used as banners,and on straws.
She has alot of halloween ideas!

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Free Printabable Pre School Space Pack.

At 3dinosaurs.com they are offering a free pre school space pack printable.Really cute,check it out at http://3dinosaurs.com/wordpress/index.php

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Neat Gift Holder Idea From Soda Bottles.


Plastic soda bottles can be saved and re-used in a number of creative ways.I found a very cool unique idea to re-use an empty soda bottle,as a gift holder.I love this idea! It can be used at Christmas,Easter,Halloween,and any other holiday you want it for.They would be great to use in place of a party loot bag.Their free,and plentiful.

You can use a 2 litre soda bottle,or smaller depending what you want to put in them.These bottles can be sent by mail as well.

Use them for a baby shower just fill with small baby items ,if your using a 2 litre you could fit quite a bit in there,then decorate the bottle.For a small boy put in little cars,trucks,stickers,and some candy.For a little girl put in nail polish,lip gloss,jewlery,and hair items.For birthday parties just fill with candy.Another idea is if you have a friend who is sick put in cough drops,small kleenex pack ,and other items they could use.Just use your imagination when filling these up,the skies the limit.

In order to get your treats into the bottle,cut out a flap at the side of your bottle large enough to fit your trinkets in.Make it like a door.Then stuff your treats inside through the door.You can also add some confetti,or tissue paper in for colour.Use packing tape to cover over the hole.Then cut out a piece of card stock to stick around your bottle to cover the hole you cut.Then you can add a message onto the card stock.Also tie a coloured ribbon around the top of the bottle to make it look nice.Good for stocking stuffers,kid’s will love these.Such a neat idea!

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Free Printable Calendars,


  1. Doodle write in has colourful background with 13 pages from creativemamma.com to print.
  2. Black and orange design a single 8 1/2×11 sheet of paper at 80%,or 11×14 at 100% at u-me-it.com
  3. Motivate me design has 4 per pages,includes a motivational quote for each one at thetinyfig.tumblr.com
  4. lovevsdesign.com has five different colours to choose from,each with a full year,and different colour sets.
  5. jeanniejeannie.com has wild flowers six per page in 2 different options a water colour background,or in white.
  6. Here is a cd case version calendar it’s bright and cheery with colourful flowers,2 per page.Cut out and slide into a clear plastic cd case at thinkcrafts.com                                                                Hope you enjoy these fun calendar designs.
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Free Printables for the kitchen and Holiday Tags.

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage                                                                                                                  I found on my web wanderings some free printables for the kitchen as well as gift tags.These are pretty handy.

At familyfun.go.com they have five different designs of kitchen stickers.At wordlabel.com they have a nice assortment of holiday labels for you to print.At joyeverafler.squarespace.com they have an assortment of blank labels plus fun tags.

Sweet to the sweet tags at bakeitpretty.com they have tiny cupcake tags to print onto card stock,you can then use your whole punch to tie with a pretty ribbon.At missyballance.typepad.com she has some really cute gingerbread labels.At bakeryspot.com has four different blue bordered tags that say baked by,from the kitchen of,and to and from ones ,very cute! Prints 8 per sheet.

At lepartlesugar.com they have meal care package labels that you can attach to food gifts.Also good if someone is sick,or just baking something for new parents.There are 3 cards to choose from.

At bydoneeatthepaste.com has a cookie box template which fits 4 standard size sandwich cookies,with two versions available.One says sweet treats,the other is blank for you to add your own message.

Hope you have enjoyed these very handy little labels for the holidays!

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