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WalMart Coupon Deals.


Clean and Clear shampoo is on sale at Rexall this week for 3.99 use your 3.00 0ff coupon and get each bottle for 99 cents.I picked up 12 bottles,for 12.56 saved 45.00 dollars.Degree deodorant is also on sale use your 2.00 off coupon and get it free.I grabbed five saved 11.50.Those coupons were in the red plun and smart source coupon inserts in your newspaper.
There will be another insert in your paper on July 29.The p&g insert came out two days ago.If you want a preview of these inserts go to http://www.mrsjanuary.com you will find how to coupon in Canada check her out on you tube s well.
Also another great site is simply frugal helping you save money in Canada.

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School Clothing and Supply List.

Image Grade kindegarten to grade 10 clothing list.Go through the closets to see what you need.This is what the kid’s should start out with,1pair of running shoes,flats or dress shoes,jeans 3 pairs,khaki pants 1 pair,4-5 t-shirts,long sleeved shirts 3 pairs,2-3 sweaters,leggings and track pants 2-3,skirt or a dress 2-3,tights 3 pairs,7 socks,7 undies,1 jacket, and one rain coat.Supplies for kindegarten to grade 3 ,1 glue stick,tape,paper,pencils,crayons,markers,coloured pencils,pencil case,lunch bag, and containers,and a back pack.Grade 4-10 supplies lined paper,2-3 binders with multi subject dividers,pencil case,blue pens,eraser,markers,pencils,pencil sharpener,calculator,ruler,combination lock,agenda/calendar,lunch bag and containers,and a back pack.Hope this makes your shopping trip much  easier.

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Back too School Lists.

Image It’s time to start getting ready to go back to school,whether we like it or not the times flying.First you should go through your closets see what you already have ,see if you can use it ,or if it’s  time to trash it ,or donate it.Then make a list for each child of what they need for clothes and supplies.Try the second hand stores first to see if they have what you need.Here are some web sites that have lists for you if you have no idea where to start.Try http://parenting.kaboose.com they have for kindegarten to grade 3,and grade 4 to 10,also www.goodhousekeeping.com,and www.scholastic.com has some good lists.You should also try to get the kid’s back into a bedtime routine about 2 weeks before school starts.I am planning to homeschool again this year,but we still need some warmer clothes.May be we will just work in our pj’s this year who knows.Good luck with your shopping!

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My Giant Tiger Deal Today.

ImageI found winter socks for the girls a dollar a pack,and spiderman socks for a dollar.These socks are usually seven to eight dollars.My husband is pushing the cart in front of me ,and tossing socks back on the shelf hoping I’m not watching him! Well I was so I was collecting my super sale socks all over the store.He doesn’t know a sale when he sees one.I always head to the reduced section and try to buy off season items we will need.So I asked him today if he wanted to start christmas shopping today,well you can imagine the response! He literally started to drag me out of the store lol!

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Saving Money when you Shop.

ImageThe first thing I do now is look at the fliers for the week and plan my menu around the sales. I give myself one hour a week to do this. No need to make it complicated by spending hours at it. Also I have started a stock pile. Only buy items on sale and that you use. Don’t buy just because there is a sale. You should put money away for sale items.

Make your grocery list simple, remember every minute in the store is more money you are likely to spend. Get in,stick to your list, and get out. Also check for any coupons available for anything you plan on buying. If possible always buy generic brands. The only difference is the price usually.

Always remember the cheaper stuff is not at eye level so look at the bottoms of the shelves there is always a cheaper one. Shop where you can price match to get all the sales in one place. Always keep your pantry organized so you know what you already have. Take advantage of store reward cards, they add up and you can end up saving even more money.

When cooking a meal double or triple the recipe and freeze them. This can help you avoid take out food when you have had a long day and don’t feel like preparing a meal, you can just heat it up. Try to cook from scratch if you can this will save you a lot in the long run. Make your coffee at home and invest in a good thermos to take with you.

When going out take your own bottled water. Just refill them from your tap and keep them in the fridge. Same with pop, buy 2 liters and fill smaller bottles up to take with you. Keep snack bags in the fridge or pantry filled with fruit, cut up veggies, cheese, crackers, and dry cereal in baggies and take with you when going out, especially if you have kids. This will keep you from buying junk food.

Before making any new purchases try using things you already have, or can find in recycling boxes. I do not buy magazines anymore, there is always lots in recycling boxes. Also plant pots are plentiful. So are books, and all kinds of things. Share newspaper subscriptions with neighbors and split the cost. Only pay cash for your items, forget the debit card, this will also save bank fees. Use less of what you can like dish soap, shampoo, hydro, etc..

Find ways of using what you have and use less of it. Always spend less then you make and always save no matter how little it is. I started a change jar where all the spare change goes and roll it every 6 months and put into my savings. It adds up quite fast and I didn’t even miss it. Always ask how can I get this cheaper? How can I make it last longer? Or how can we do without this certain item?

Remember most things can be negotiated, it’s always worth a try. Shop yard sales all year and sometimes you can find new items you can put away as gifts. Also try second hand stores. Avoid new and always try to buy second hand. Do research before buying certain items to get the best price on an item. Buy gifts year round when they’re on sale. Take advantage of mail in rebates, they are a great way to get free items. Also grow what you can. We do tomatoes, potatoes, and pumpkins. Also I read a lot, so I make use of the library and sales where books are a quarter. There are so many ways to save money, just be creative.

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Walmart Deals.

ImageHere is my Walmart shopping deals for today! 10 barilla spaghetti noodles 1.00 used 10 coupons 50 cents off printable coupon from smart source.ca still available,3 free air freshners 4.96 cannot remember where I got those ones.Total 22.80 paid 6.98.

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