The Drug That Does Not Discriminate.


Oxycontin seems to be the most popular prescription drug of choice these days among young adults ,and adults alike.
Oxycontin is a narcotic pain reliever which is just like morphine.Which was developed in 1995 which provides 12 hour relief for people with chronic pain.
Oxycontin is time released breaking,chewing or crushing one of these pills can end up in an overdose.Mixing it with other drugs and alcohol can result in death.
The ER is seeing an increase in oxy overdoses.To many parents have had to bury their children because of this drug.
Oxycontin has become the number one abused drug in the country.Deaths in Canada increased from 13.7 to 27.2 in 2004 per million residents.Why are we letting them kill our children?
Oxycontin is highly addictive,expensive and deceptive.One bad choice can change a family forever.It has been said,that oxy is just heroin made in a labratory,and being fed to our children by pain clinics,who are just drug dealers with a license.
Kid’s are crushing these pills and snorting them or they dilute them in water and inject them.4.7 percent of highschool students admit to using oxy and more who don’t tell.
Oxycontin addiction is as severe as a heroin addiction they both come from opiates.Fitting street names for this drug are oxycoffin,killer,and hillbilly heroin.
Some people go to sleep and respirations decrease until breathing stops completely.
If these kid’s don’t get help for their addictions eventually it will take their life.
If you suspect your child or someone you know has an addiction to this drug seek help from a professional.
How do you think we can stop this drug from getting into the hands of our children?

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