Homemade Hand Wash.

Lets face it sometimes you just don’t have access to soap and water.Like when the kid’s need too use the icky bathrooms at the park.This homemade recipe helps to kill germs,soften hands,and it is very easy too make.Use 1/2 cup of aloe vera gel,1/4 cup of rubbing alcohol.Then mix all together.Add essential oils optional,or a bit of food colouring also optional.As a mom of seven kid’s you should always carry wet wash clothes in a baggy.Especially when the kid’s may end up with an icecream cone along the way.You never know it pays too be prepared.There is nothing like sticky hands!Image

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5 thoughts on “Homemade Hand Wash.

  1. hodgepodge4thesoul says:


  2. Andrew says:

    Hahahaha! So good!

  3. Flavia Loi says:

    I really liked this article.

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