Free Items With A Coupon.


Here is a list of stuff I have gotten for free this year using coupons.I have enough of this stuff to last me at least 6 months.I have also donated some items to our local food bank.It’s amazing the stuff you can get for free using a coupon.Why pay when you can get it for free?

Another thing I do when I have an abundance of coupons, is leave them on the store shelf where the item is sold, so someone else can use the coupon also.Anyway here is a list of my free items:shaving cream,stain remover for clothes,stayfree pads,air freshners,make-up,quantum dishwasher starter kits,hair gel,razors,scrubbing bubbles shower spray,lysol no touch hand dispenser,shampoo,conditioner,bodywash,bounce sheets,dog food,cat food,kleenex,pasta,aspirin,hair dye,barbecue sauce,hair mousse,swiffer sweeper,and scrubbing bubbles starter toilet kit.

There is also other things I have received free with a coupon not listed here.Why pay when you can get it for free?Also if you shop at Wal-mart and your coupon is more than the item is worth, they will pay you the overage.Alot of these items like the shaving cream,quantums,the aspirin,hair dyes,and razors I was paid overage for all these items.Sometimes up to three dollars for each item I purchased,absolutely amazing! How cool is that when the store will pay you to buy an item.

I came upon two websites that taught me everything there is to know about couponing in Canada.They have all the coupon flyer match ups every week,store deals,freebies,and where you can find all your coupons.They have menu plans and all kinds of great tips on their sites.Sign up by e-mail to receive all the latest updates.

Go to and for all your couponing needs,and know how.In no time you will be couponing like a pro!


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