Cool DIY Halloween Costumes.

ImageImageImageImageImage I found a few more inspiring diy Halloween costumes,the first is salt and pepper shakers.Use black and white bodysuits and tights,or sweats.Wear a hat to match your costume as well as gloves.You can also forget the face masks and just paint their faces either white, or black depending on who’s salt or pepper.Then using either black or white construction paper cut out the p or s,attach it to clothes with safety pins or velcrove.Then voila a cheap costume! The second one is go out as a christmas present.You will need a box to fit the person wearing it.Cut a head,and two arm holes.Then wrap your box with wrapping paper,and decorate with ribbons and bows.You can also use this as a man, or women’s costume.  Add a tag God’s, gift to women or men,depending on who’s wearing it,be careful not to mix up the tags.It would be kind of funny to do to your significant other especially a man who would probably not bother to read his tag.This third costume I really like.It can either be worn as an apple or, an orange.It would be used for a smaller child like 2-3 years old,but if you wanted to try it for older kids instead of a 16 inch punch balloon, try a beach ball,or exercise ball.Start by blowing up your balloon, and apply newspaper with paper mache.Use 1/4 cup white flour,1/4 cup of water,mix well and bring to a boil.Simmer for 2 minutes .Stirring constantly.Let cool slightly.Let each layer dry before adding another layer.Apply 9 layers.The eighth layer should be white paper.The ninth layer should be red or orange depending on if you chose an apple or, orange to be.Then let it dry overnight.Make your stem out of a toilette paper roll covered with green construction paper, and some leaves.Then pop the balloon inside when it’s dry.Measure your child’s head,arms,and shoulder width.Then cut a head hole,arm holes,and a waist hole the width of the shoulders so it will slide over the upper body.The piece you cut off the top or the bottom can be used as the hat.Hot glue a piece of elastic to the hat that will act as a strap to hold it in place.Such a cool idea ,and an inspiring one.May give you other ideas.Let me know what you have come up with.

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