Oh Barbie You Have Come A Long Way.

This is my favourite

I was sitting around the other day with a couple of friends,and one of the little girls had a barbie doll with them.So we ended up on the topic of barbie.Well one woman said she knew of a pregnant barbie.One of the ladies was quite surprised by this she had never seen one before.So after a few minutes she asked us if they had an overweight barbie with sagging boobs to show the kid’s what you really look like after you have a baby.

So this had me curious so I started looking around the net to see what they actually do have.I found out barbie was actually made in 1959 by Ruth Handler ,and barbie was named after her daughter.Ken was out in 1961, and was also named after Ruth’s son.The original Ken is pictured above in the red suit,and flip flops.If you have an original barbie in mint condition from 1959 it could get you a whopping 27,450.Wish I had a few laying around.Mom where are your barbie dolls?The barbies were sold for 3 bucks great investment if you saved them.That is the one in the black,and white bathing suit if you ever spot one at a sale run for it!

Barbie has been widely criticized for promoting an unrealistic body image for young girls.So finally in 1997 barbie was given a bigger waistline.There is also a scale from 1965 set permanently at 110 pounds.

I was able to find a more realistic looking overweight barbie.I love the one sitting on the couch.Now that’s more like it!I like the barbie giving birth,okay so someone just got a little carried away.

Barbie now has over 125 career dolls being sold.The first black barbie came out in 1968,the hispanic doll in 1980.In 1992 they produced a talking barbie,in 1997 they brought out the wheel chair barbie,we even have grandma,and grandpa barbie dolls.Wow! Barbie you have come along way since 1959.

Iran considered our barbie too perverted for their liking so mattel came out with the fulla doll more suitable for the islamic market.

Just thought I would share this interesting, but totally useless information with you!


3 thoughts on “Oh Barbie You Have Come A Long Way.

  1. kz says:

    a barbie doll giving…whuuuutt..? oh no they didn’t! ^^ well, too bad all my barbies have all ended up in the garbage can with detached heads and arms. they’d prolly worth a fortune someday ^^ lol totally enjoyed this post

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