Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas.

I have found some of the most amazing decorated Christmas trees.These should definitely get you inspired ,and give you some great decorating ideas.I know they have given me some ideas for decking the halls. My favourite is the colourful one,I absolutely love a white tree with lots of colour !There is many different style ideas to suit whatever you like. My husband thinks the white trees are tacky ,but I don’t.It could of been worse they have pink,and purple ones that I like too mmm gives me an idea there all on sale right now,and he is gone out and Walmart is still open.
Also if you buy some styrofoam cones,glue,and lots of different coloured glitter you can make miniature Christmas trees to display around the house.Just add a snowflake onto the top when it drys.Easy cute little ornaments.
Anyway I have to go Walmart awaits !

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