Glittery Light Christmas Necklace.

I love these sparkly light necklaces very festive what little girl wouldn’t want one of these cool necklaces.
You will need:
Thin cord
Miniature Christmas light ornaments (sold in craft stores)
Magnetic necklace clasp
Tacky glue or hot glue
How to make it
1 Cut a piece of cord that measures a few inches longer than the necklace you’d like to make. Or, if you plan to use the method for stringing on the mini ornaments described in step 3, cut two pieces of cord.

2 Now help your child thread on the miniature Christmas light ornaments. If you’re using two cords, go to step 3. Otherwise, simple slide the first ornament to the middle of the cord and knot the cord above it. Continue adding ornaments on each side of the first bead in this way, spacing them an equal distance apart. When you’ve finished, simple tie the ends of the cord to the magnetic necklace clasp. Then secure the knots next to the clasp with small drops of glue.

3 For a necklace with a double cord, pinch one of the cords in the center and feed the doubled threads through the hole in the top of a mini ornament. You should end up with a small loop.

4 Thread the second cord through the loop until you reach the middle and then gently pull the doubled first cord back so that it is snug around the new one. Add a bead on each side of the first one, only this time thread the second cord through the holes and slide the ends of the first cord through the loops. Continue in this manner, alternating cords, until you’ve threaded on all the beads. Then attach the clasp as described in step 2.
These are so adorable!


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