Summer Fun Bucket.

This is a frugal way to make barbie items for your girls.

Approximate Time:1/2 hour


  • kleenex box
  • glue
  • scissors
  • pink foam
  • white paint
  • 2 beads
  • small wire
  • paint brush


Kleenex box

  • Paint your kleenex box white.


  • When dry use pink foam to cut out a frame for around the top of your tub, glue on. Pink foam rectangle


  • Then, cut pink foam into squares and glue them all around your kleenex box. Making Barbie Bath Tub


  • Bend a small piece of wire for your tap and make a small hole in your box and secure in place with glue.


  • Glue your beads on for taps. Making a Barbie Bath Tub


  • Put your barbie in the box and your done.

Barbie Bath Tub                                           Make homemade playdoh.Mix together 1 cup of flour,1/2 cup salt,2 teaspoons cream of tartar,1 cup of water,1 tbls of vegetable oil,and knead into dough.Then seperate and add food colouring.Give the kids rolling pins,cookie cutters and let them play.Image                                  Make a felt donut.Cut out two pink circles from felt the size will depend on how big you want it.Cut out one piece of brown felt a little smaller then the pink.Don’t forget to cut out the middles as donut holes.Sew the brown felt on top of the pink felt for chocolate.Then cut out out small pieces from all different coloured felt as sprinkles.Sew them on to.Then sew the two pink circles together leaving a small hole for stuffing.Stuff full and sew up.ImageImageImage

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