DIY Halloween Costumes.

ImageImageImageImageImageImage Well it’s about 54 days to halloween,and I have been looking around for some inspiration for the kid’s halloween costumes.Something different something cheap.So far I found these three cute ideas.The first is a bunch of grapes.Use either purple or green balloons,and use the same colour tights or sweats.Then attach the balloons to your outfit with safety pins, about 12 balloons should do it.Fast ,easy ,and inexpensive.I am definitely using this one.The next one I found is pretty easy ,a bag of jelly beans.You will need a clear plastic bag the ones you use for recycling will work well,a colourful ribbon,two safety pins,and two pieces of white card board.Cut two leg holes in the bottom of the bag,and two arm holes in the middle of the bag.It’s probably a good idea to put your child in the bag to get the correct measurements.Then fill the bag with multi-coloured balloons.Then use a coloured marker to write jelly beans onto both pieces of cardboard.Then attach a sign in the front and back with safety pins.Then loosely tie around the shoulder areas with ribbon then cut off the excess plastic.So cute you might even win a costume contest.This one I found is a really cool idea,some people are just so creative.Lego blocks ,use solid colour sweat suit,gloves,and hat to match the colour block you plan on using.You will need a box big enough to fit your child.For a child’s box you will need to cut 4 holes in the front of the box,an adults you will need 6 holes.Cut a hole in the top of the box for the head,and two arm holes.Then cut 4 holes in the front of the box, and use 4 margarine containers put into the holes from the inside of the box, and secure with duct tape.Then spray paint your box whatever colour you want.Go out as a family of lego blocks.I will be coming up with more ideas for costumes so be sure to come back for more.I hope you have enjoyed these ideas.What are some ideas you have come up with for halloween costumes?

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