Canada Day Celebration.

Celebrate Canada Day with a backyard bbq.Start with your invitations,just glue a maple leaf cut out from construction paper onto white cardstock.Then write your information onto the maple leaf.Just have a simple menu with hotdogs,and hamburgers,roasted corn,and the usual potato,and macaroni salads prepared the night before.Have lots of condiments, tomatoes,white cheese sticking with your red and white theme,ketchup,mustard etc.You could do a vegetable tray with dip.A tray with pickles,and cheese.Have a seperate table set up so everyone can serve themselves.Make little flags out of card stock and glue onto a toothpick to stick into the burgers,and hotdogs.ImageMake a red fruit punch.If you have bottled drinks or cans keep them cold in a child’s pool with ice and cold water.ImageUse empty glass jars for decorating.Put red and white jelly beans into a couple of them,or put them into clear plastic bags and tie with red and white ribbon as party favours.Put glow sticks,and sparklers in the jars for when it gets dark.Use a jar as a vase for flowers,use red and white carnations,or roses.ImageUse a red and white table cloth and use the same theme with plates,cups,silverware,and napkins.Wrap up silverware in red napkins tied with a white ribbon.ImageUse clay pots too line the driveway or patio.Paint the pots red,and use white letters.Put a letter on each pot so it spells, Oh Canada.Put some flowers in the pots,fill one with flags for people to take one.Use red ,and white balloons tied to chairs,or weight them down with milk jugs,just put water in them.Add red food colouring into some of the jugs.That will keep you to your red and white theme.Cut out the center of a paper plate and glue red maple leafs all around it to make a wreath.You can also make a banner that says Proud to be Canadian.ImageImageImageFor dessert try the Canada flag cake for the recipe go to cupcakes make them red with red food colouring make the icing white,decorate with red and white sprinkles,or just keep it simple with strawberries and whip cream.ImageImage If you have kid’s coming you can serve red and white popsicles, or freezies.Have a small table set up with red and white beads ,and string so kid’s can make their own necklaces and bracelets.They can play pin the tail on the beaver.You can also fill balloons up with water,have a target they can throw them at if you do not want water all over the place.You can use your red ,Imageand white christmas lights to string outside.Try red and white candles,maybe use tea light candles put into glass jars of water with food colouring and let them float on the top.Set up a dart board for the adults,or a horse shoe game.Don’t forget the music that will depend on what you like.Just have fun!

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