Summer Fun Bucket.

Here is 20 summer fun tips too add to your bucket.So you won’t be hearing I’m bored.Teach the kid’s how to knit.Have them do small squares,then sew them together to make a blanket.Image                                  Have a spa day with your girls.Make finger sandwiches,and cupcakes set the table nicely.Roll up wash clothes and tie with ribbon.Try making them little spa baskets with soaps,new slippers,and candy.Start with a baking soda facial mix with water to form a paste.Apply to the kid’s faces don’t forget yourself.Use bowls with a teaspoon of olive oil and soak your hands in it for 10 minutes.Then dry well, file your nails then do a manicure.Try rainbow colours on the kid’s.Do the same with your feet.Then do their hair,and a little make-up.Then finish with a nice lunch.Then lounge the rest of the day in your pj’s.Grab a movie and watch it together.ImageImageImageImage                                                     Help them build a lemonade stand,or just use a little table,Image and make a sign.Maybe sell cookies as well.You should be the best customer just in case.                                            Play soccer or hockey.Use sticks for goal posts if you don’t have any.Throw the ball back and forth whoever gets the ball or puck in between the two sticks scores.Have hotdogs,or hamburgs for supper.Try any snacks that you would find at a game.ImageImage                   Visit an animal shelter,offer to walk the dogs.Help clean out cages.Spend the afternoon playing with the animals.Image                                                                                                        Make cereal necklaces out of fruit loops and the the thin stringed licorice.Image                                  Try a photo scavenger hunt.Give the kid’s a turn with the camera, and a list of items they should capture.Bugs,leaves,flowers,and rocks.Go for a nature walk to find all the items.Then put your photos into an album.Image                        Bake a rainbow cake together.Mix up your cake mix and then seperate into 4 bowls, add food colouring too each one,and mix well.Grease your pan,and pour cake mix one at a time.Start in the middle and work your way to the outside of the pan.The kid’s will love helping icing the cake as well as eating all the different colours.Image                                                                                  Make easy caramel corn pop 3 quarts of popcorn,put popcorn in a heavy bag,melt 1 stick of butter,add 1 cup of brown sugar into the butter and mix.Add 1/4 cup of corn syrup into the pan with 1/4 teaspoon of salt.Mix well.Pour the mixture into your bag of popcorn and stir with a wooden spoon.Put the bag in microwave for 1 minute.Shake well and put in microwave for another minute.Shake again and pour into a large container,and enjoy!                                                                                                                    Do coffee filter butterflies.Paint the coffee filters let dry.Then scrunch up in the middle clip on a clothespin,use pipe cleaners,and googly eyes too decorate.Image                                                                                     Play a game of hide and seek in the backyard,or inside.Image                                                                                   Lay outside in the backyard and look up at the clouds see what shapes you can see.This is also fun played in a pool.My son and I can do this for hours!Image   Make t-shirt bags.Get the kid’s too pick out a shirt of their own,turn it inside out sew across the bottom,or staple it.Turn back the right way, and they have a little tote bag.Image   Teach the kid’s too braid using wool.Cut three long pieces of wool tape them too their work table at the top of the yarn.Then show them how to cross over the wool.Then let them spend time practicing.               Make a big dad sign for Fathers Day.Cut out letters really big d-a-d from butcher paper.Hang the letters on the wall and let the kid’s decorate them.Add photos,some candy,and some messages for dad.Image                               Make dad an activity jar for Father’s Day.Let your child decorate a jar.Cut out some pieces of paper,write on them an activity you, and dad can do together.Image                                Go on a nature walk.Get a basket and fill with small cups.Let the kid’s collect leaves,rocks,berries whatever you can find.Then come home and let them sort it.Image                                                                                            Make handprint art.Use a canvas dip the kid’s hands in paint and have them stamp it on the canvas.Write the child’s name and date.Then hang it up.They will probably want to do more hand prints so give them lots of paper.Image                                                           Make popsicles together.Make juice,and cut up some fruit too add into your popsicles.Try sticking a gumball in them.Put in the freezer in about 1 1/2 hours put your popsicle stick in them.Wait until there frozen and enjoy.You can also eat them as a slushie.Image                          Do some puzzles together.Glue them or tape them together to hang up when your done.

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