Halloween Prank,and Costume.

ImageImage  This halloween costume makes me chuckle a little.It’s a great prank for your next halloween party.Have someone dress up in a hospital gown ,and have them walk around saying,they say I’m crazy,but I’m not.They deserve to die.You can’t let them take me back.You can add other funny stuff to say, I can think of a lot of things.The host,or hostess would have to pretend she did not know the person of course.Let the person go around ,and mingle with all your guests.It’s sure to get people asking questions,and when the host is asked who is that?They could say I don’t know who it is,I thought they were with you.It just might cause some alarm.Very funny! You could also wrap the persons head in gauze,and smear mascara under their eyes.You could also make a homemade tag for a mental hospital near you.I love playing pranks it’s so much fun. People won’t soon forget this prank.                                                                          

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