Six Cool Ideas Too Recycle A Sweater Get Creative.


Here is 6 cool ways to recycle an old sweater.My two definite favourites are the sweater skirt,and the boots.I love them,such creative ideas!

For a complete tutorial on how to make a sweater skirt go to Now I have a few plans for the kid’s old sweaters.Definitely little skirts,how adorable is that!

Another great idea for those old sweaters is a pair of boots.These are so cool,and stylish.Super cute! For a complete tutorial on how to make these go to

Make a pair of cute little mittens go to for a tutorial on how to make a pair.

Make a ski hat from felted wool sweaters for a tutorial go to one thing to remember when working with sweaters is to felt them before cutting them.Wash the sweater in hot water,and dry on high heat.Then you can cut the sweater without it falling apart.

Make a sweater bag.Cut the sweater down to the size you would like your bag to be.Cut your sweater in a straight line across under the arm pits to divide the sweater into two.Save the top portion of the sweater for later use.You will be using the bottom portion of the sweater,as the body for your sweater bag.

Smooth the bottom portion of your sweater out,make sure bottom edge matches up front and back.Then sew about 1/2 an inch in to create seam across the bottom.This will be the bottom of your bag.

If you want a pocket on your bag ,create one from the neckline of the sweater.Cut a rectangular patch and center it onto your bag,and sew it in place.

Hem the top of the bag to create a nice finished edge.Using an old cloth belt create handles.Cut the cloth belt in half and sew a handle on each side of the bag.You could also use decorative ribbon ,or the sweater itself. Be creative!

Sweater pillows, tired of your old look just use sweaters to cover your old pillows,or make new ones.Cut out a section from the front and back of your sweater that measures a few inches larger than you want it to be.This should give you two of the same size pieces of fabric.Pin two pieces together right side facing in.

Then sew all the way around your pillow leaving a small opening for stuffing.Flip the fabric right side out and fill.Then stitch up the opening.

To create removable covers use button sweaters,or zip up sweaters.

What are some of your ideas for old sweaters? I would love some more ideas!


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