128 Pumpkin Recipe Round Up.


Pumpkin recipe round up of over 128 recipes great tasting cakes,pies,desserts,and much more.There is alot of choices,and varieties for you to choose from.Make the most of  pumpkin season.

http://www.simplyfrugal.ca/2012/10/in-season-recipe-round-up-pumpkin/ has gathered 43 recipes up for breakfast,lunch,breads,and snacks using pumpkins.She has pumpkin french toast bake,and pumpkin pancakes with much more.

At so pumpkin recipes they have an assortment of 50 recipes using pumpkins. http://southernfood.about.com/od/pumpkin/tp/pumpkin-recipe-favourites-htm check some of  these great recipes out.

Also there is a collection of 35 pumpkin recipes a really nice collection at http://pumpkinrecipes.org/

I hope you’ve  enjoyed  some of these recipes!

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