Weekly Photo Challenge.

ImageyImageImageImageImageImageImageImage   Brockville through the eyes of a stranger,because of this challenge I noticed things I took for granted everyday.Landmarks, I drive by on a daily basis,but never paid attention too.This challenge made me stop and take notice as I tried to see my surroundings, through the eyes of someone visiting our town for the first time.We live right along the Saint Lawrence river the scenery is beautiful.I took some pictures down at blockhouse Island which faces the U.S.Locals sit down at block house to watch the ships pass by,and tour boats and just enjoy the peace and quiet of it all.The river provides a way for people to just leave behind the daily grind ,and de-stress for a few hours.Tourists flock to Brockville every summer to see the city of the Thousand Islands.We have monuments located all over the city which provides people with much history.Brockville was named after the British General Sir Isaac Brock.People can take boat tours to see all the islands along the river.We have several boating resources with large deep water marines ,and a yacht club.We have many spots around where you can swim and cool off during the summer months.The little girl in the picture just finished swimming at St Lawrence beach ,in the background is someones beach house.You will also find a lot of people fishing along the river banks.I took a picture of downtown where there is a war monument on Court House Ave,right behind that is our court house as well as the old jail.The lawn has a nice fountain that is lit up at night.There are many shops, and stores downtown to explore.We have several shady beautiful parks for kid’s to play in with lots of open space to run around in as you see a bunch of kid’s playing in the park.We have Fulford Place House Museum which was the home of Senator George Taylor Fulford he marketed Dr.Williams, pink pills for pale people which made him very wealthy.The house is open for public tours.I love Brockville it is a great place to live and for tourists to visit.There is a lot of things to see and explore.

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