Can I Please Pee Alone.


As any mom knows who has a few kid’s soon realizes the bathroom isn’t a private place any longer,you will probably not pee alone for a few years.They don’t care what your doing when they have something to tell you.My bathroom lock does not work,and I can’t seem to get the hubby to fix it.Maybe because they do not bother him in the tub!

One day I was trying to soak and for some reason the lock was working,but not for long.I heard Hope my five year old coming up the stairs calling my name,I didn’t answer hoping she would go away for a bit,and leave me to soak.Fat chance,when she tried the handle she started yelling to all the other kid’s that she had a very important emergency.As I heard all the kid’s tromping up the stairs she was urgently telling them that mom was locked in the bathroom.

I still didn’t answer them I was to busy laughing to get it out that I was okay.I heard my 8 year old Cash running for the tools.Well it took them about 5 minutes ,and they had me out.Crisis averted.Thank God they did not call 911!

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