New uses for Old Things.

I thought this was a really nifty idea.Turn a cuboard door into a tray. You will need an old cuboard door,give it a coat of house paint any colour you choose.When it is dry trace your pattern onto it with a pencil.Paint over the lines with a different colour of acyrilic paint.Apply thick so you only need one coat of paint.Let dry ,then erase the pencil lines.You will need 2 dawer pulls big enough too fit your hands,spray paint them on both sides.Use wood filler fo the holes on the back where the hinges were.Let dry and sand them.Touch up with a few coats of paint.Attach felt pads on the bottom at each corner.Measue, mark and drill your holes for handles.Screw the handles in ,and then your done.Such a cool idea,I am definitely going to try this.Good-bye bathroom cuboards.Image

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