DIY Colour Catchers.

Image Colour catchers catch loose dyes found in wash water and prevent the dye from running or bleeding onto other clothes.You can wash lights and darks together to save time and money by reducing the need for half size loads.Cut up white felt or, white cloth of some kind and soak it in a solution of water and washing soda. Use 1 tbls of washing soda into, 1 cup of hot water until it dissolves.Give it a stir.Then take your felt or white fabric and put into the solution and let it dry.Then just add it to your next wash and it will catch all the dyes so the clothes won’t bleed into each other.Test first with a red wash clothe ,and a white one with your colour catcher see what happens first.It worked for me.I [lan on using this all the time with 5 kids at home who needs to sort the laundry.

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